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The Illuminae Files_01 by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff


The Illuminae Files by Kaufman and Kristoff is a YA sciences fiction novel that follows the journey of two teens, recently separated exes, Ezra Mason and Kady Grant, as they escape an attack on their home planet of Kerenza and board one of three rescue fleet in the hopes of getting help from a nearby planet. However, there is a warship in hot pursuit, determined to extinguish everyone from Kerenza and all knowledge of the attack on the planet. As if that wasn’t enough there is an outbreak on one of the ships, and it is spreading fast.

With no one telling the people what’s going on, Kady takes it upon herself to find out exactly what’s happening. What she find is much more disturbing and now is propelled into a dangerous cat and mouse game. Kady hacks into various government system to find answers all while hoping she isn’t caught and killed for doing so. Soon she finds that the AI in charge of controlling their ship and getting them safely to a neighboring planet isn’t working properly.

Illuminae is a very unique book in the way it’s written. The book is a compilation of different types of files and documents pieced together to form a story. From security footage, to voice recordings, redacted files, text messages, and emails; everything is put together to create a fast paced riveting story.

Rating 4.5/5

Spoilers Below this line.


First things first. What the heck if wrong with Aiden? So If you haven’t read the book yet and is just reading these spoilers for fun, Aiden is the name of the artificial intelligence. Aiden stands for Artificial Intelligence Defense Analytics Network.

Aiden is responsible for defending the ship and protecting the people at all cost. The AI is obviously smarter than everyone and everything combined on the ship, but there’s just one problem. He, she, it; is just a robot and does not understand trivial things such as compassion, love, empathy. Aiden suffered some damage when the ship was attacked and now is going haywire.

Aiden has been observing the disease outbreak on the other ship and realized that soon people would try and evacuate and seek refuge on the Alexander fleet. So Aiden using is all-knowing self, blew up the ship and ignored all commands to stop.

It was creepy as hell, hearing Aiden slowly develop this godlike complex, where he suddenly decides who lives and dies on the ship and considers it to be merciful. How can it kill an entire ship of people and think that’s being merciful?

Aiden was manually shut down before he could do more damage and kill more people. However, the ship cannot function without him and the crew work on fixing Aiden before the warship catches up to them. However, things get creepier when they turn Aiden back on. Aiden begins to think, not analyze and compute, think. Aiden wonders if he’s alive because getting shut down felt like death. But you can only die if you’re alive.

It begins to observe human interaction and considers what love is, and it was just creepy.

Enough about Aiden.

Oh.. I knew it was Aiden luring Kady to the Hypatia, pretending to be Ezra, I knew it. Moving on.

Let’s talk about the relationship between Kady and Ezra. Ezra sounds like a cutie. His love for Kady seems very sincere and believable. I liked Ezra he was funny and complex. Kady was also a complex character but in a more annoying way. I did not believe that she loves or have loved Ezra at all. Maybe she wasn’t has open and vulnerable as I would have liked.

The book is written in a very unique way, which is cool, but sometimes annoying. I like some files better than others, but overall it was a cool format.

I liked this book, I gave it a 4.5 because I say the ending coming from a mile away. This is where book tries to make us believe Ezra is dead and Kady is sad about it. She wasn’t sad enough in my opinion, but it goes back to what I said about not believing she liked him. I was surprised to find out that Aiden had tricked Kady to leave the Alexander and go over to the Hypatia to rescue Ezra. Which she only did because she was told not to. I did figure it out, but only when it was too late. Too late being, when Kady was already on the Hypatia. However I didn’t think Ezra was dead, the AI lied once, why would he be telling the truth now.

By far Aiden was the best character in this book. Yes, it’s a psychopathic killing machine, but it was the best. Aiden grew and developed and learned, and I could talk about Aiden forever. How can one thing be their saving grace and something that might kill them all at the same time? It was complicated, and without Aiden, the book wouldn’t have been the same.





The Sun is also A Star by Nicola Yoon.



Welcome back, it’s been awhile. That’s mostly because I was focused on my writing and I fell off the reading wagon a bit.


However it’s a new year with new resolutions, and one of those is reading more. This month I’ve planned to read six books in total.


Dreams. Last month, which was last year, I only read one. Which I will review right now.

So  The Sun is also a Star by Nicola Yoon, is a contemporary novel that follows two teens. Natasha a Jamaican-born immigrant, who’s about to be deported and trying endlessly to find a way not to be deported to a place she no longer knows. And Daniel, a Korean American, trying to figure out his future and whether he wants to follow his father’s dream of him becoming a doctor. During their journey, their paths will cross, and they may or may not fall in love. One thing for sure is, the day doesn’t go as either of them expected.

Now I will try to leave my thoughts without any spoilers, which is a hard thing for me to do.

SO, going into this book, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I know there might be something about love, and I like love. So I  was into it. I have to say I didn’t expect that I would like it so much, but I liked it a lot.

The book got better has the story progressed. And in a short time frame, I was completely invested in the story and the characters. I got upset at the things that they were upset at. I felt the way they were feeling. I was way too invested.

The book tackles some big issues but in very delicate ways. Like racism and stereotypes, deportations and the struggles immigrants face, feelings and life in general. It made me think. I cannot confirm that there might also have been tears.


Overall I taught it was a great book, I recommend that you read it. I thought the book touched on a lot of important topics, but in such an amazing way, that it’s not in your face. I think this book might surprise you; it’s amazing. And it’s written in a goofy way.



I have a youtube video review of this book, so check it out here. And I will be posting a spoiler filled one later today. Filled with my reactions and thoughts, as I read the book.

Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury


Fahrenheit 451 is a dystopian novel, in an American future where books are outlawed. Firefighters aren’t who you think they are. The don’t stop the fires; they start them. In the future, books are forbidden, and if you have any books in your house, it would be burned, and you will be killed (most likely). Serious offenses here people.  Guy Montag is a fireman and is responsible for burning these books. The story is about Guy and how his feelings about his life and what he was doing changed. His life isn’t what he thought it would be and he realized that he was unhappy with it and his marriage.

I’ve heard a lot about this book. Whenever anyone spoke of great novels, this one was mentioned. This book is deemed to be Bradbury’s best work, so, of course, my expectations were high. As I’ve come to understand there are a lot of different interpretations for this book, and this is just how I felt about it and what was going through my mind as I read it.

I was intrigued by the title; I’ve never read the book before, and I didn’t know what it was about really. However based on the title I knew something was going to burn. I love dystopian, so that was a plus. The story I think started out very well, I liked the description of the fire, and the girl following him. It started out fascinating. However, I felt like it lacked something. I get what he was trying to say, but okay, that’s it? People become stupid and vain because they don’t read and watch too much TV. That’s something I grew up hearing a lot from my mother. It made a lot of sense then, but I wasn’t impressed by this book. And if Guy dislikes his wife so much, why did he marry her? (I’m getting side tracked here.)

The thing is most people read to either be entertained or to learn something new and amazing. This novel didn’t do any of that for me; it wasn’t anything that I have never thought of or discussed before. The only reason I even kept reading this, was because I secretly thought this was going to be a love story. I thought Guy was going to fall in love with the girl that had the dandelions; then it would have been worth it. I don’t know how old she was, but I guess her purpose was to open his eye. For that reason, I did like the parts she was in until she got killed and all my hopes for this book was lost. It was because of her that Guy saw society for what it was. He was just like everyone else going with the flow, doing what he was told to do. Now he knows that is not the way to live.

The guy ends up taking a book for himself after his eyes were opened by this girl. He was impressed by how smart and level headed she was. Now he’s wanted and is on the run. Everyone is searching for him. They kill some other man for a show, and he escapes. Okay. He almost gets run down by some kids, but escapes. Or was it the other way around?

Then he goes to find these men who can help him. He finds them without much effort, and they tell him that knowledge can never die. Once you read a book, you will remember it. Or parts of it. I guess he has a good memory. I liked that part, though, it was interesting. I did like the concept, and the message was clear, but I just wanted more from the book.

After actually sitting down and thinking about it. I feel like I might have been judging the book a little too harshly. Thinking of when it was written and what reasons influenced the book. I would consider it to be a masterpiece for its time. One interpretation was that the burning of books represented the suppression of dissenting ideas. It would also be fair at the time, with the rapid rise and popularity of technology overall and people’s love for tv, to see why people would feel like watching too much tv would decrease your brain cells. The lessons about learning to think for yourself is timeless. It also shines a light on the nature of humans, and how we fear things we do not understand.

Maybe if I had read this book years ago, I would totally agree. This book did have a few interesting and funny moments; I think a lot of people might still like this. Even though it wasn’t for me, I can still appreciate the message that Bradbury was trying to send.



Find Her

Find Her by Lisa Gardner


Flora Dane was a happy, fun college student. Like every young adult, she had big dreams and high hopes for her future. Study French, so she could travel to France, become a teacher, something, anything.  Flora’s life was just about to begin. That’s until she got kidnapped in Florida on spring break. It doesn’t end there; she became the plaything of a horrible person; she was raped and tortured. For 472 days she was a victim. For 472 days Flora Dane was also a survivor.

I was hooked from the first sentence. I had to read it over and over again to make sure I was reading the words correctly. And all I could say was “WHAT?!” It started out very graphic. It was different and believable but also very gross. It’s not something anyone would think of as the beginning of a book. Then again, what would anyone expect of someone locked in a box for an extended period.

This mystery/ thriller novel was well written. With each new clue and detail, I was hooked. No doubt I had to finish this book, and I had to finish it fast. I needed to know what was going on. The way the story was structured was beautiful, the past, present, flashback method was very effective. I loved the first person/third person pov; it flowed seamlessly together. It felt so cohesive like it was being told in a linear fashion but it wasn’t. It was constructed perfectly.

So Flora had to do unspeakable things to survive, things she would never do. Things humans would never want to do. Otherwise, she would have died or would have been killed. In the end, she was rescued just when she lost herself. She lost who she was and who she wanted to be. Her experience would change her life forever in ways no one could ever imagine.

After coming back she worked on rebuilding herself, she told her story once and to one person, and she never spoke of it again. It was the past, and she wanted to move on from it. But there was something about her past that she just couldn’t let go of. Something she did when she was captured that she can’t take back, and she can’t forgive herself for doing. She struggled to understand why people do the things they do and are the way they are. She studied them; she became obsessed actually. She felt weak when she was kidnapped, so she learned how to fight. Still, it didn’t matter what she did; it was still not enough. It was never enough.

Flora seemed to be going down a dark and winding path that she might not be able to return from. The end was ridiculous; I didn’t see anything coming. I couldn’t figure out what would happen next. I couldn’t figure out who the kidnapper was. I was like, I got it, Flora kidnapped herself. In hindsight, that sounds ridiculous I know, but the things that were happening, I just couldn’t explain it.

The book was about finding yourself, your inner strength. That thing that keeps you going when you feel you have absolutely no reason to keep going. Such a powerful message. It’s about keeping people close to you to help you through hard times, allowing individuals who love you to help you, because there is strength in asking for help. It’s about learning to trust again, and the hardest part of life is not learning to forgive others but learning to forgive yourself. It’s about healing and female empowerment.

A common theme in this book was that everyone as a bad side. A little monster they are afraid will come out. Flora saw that side of herself, which taught her that “nobody wants to be a monster.”

This book is a must read. Most of my reviews do have some spoilers, but I feel like, for this one, nothing I have said so far will prepare you for anything that will happen. It is very fast paced, and very captivating. Keep in mind that there are a lot of very graphic scenes, concerning sexual assault, murder, and evil people. The story is also not character driven, but so many things were going on, I didn’t care. I will end my review here and resist the urge to say more.




Murder on the Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

"Used with permission from Microsoft."

There is a crazy snowstorm which forces the Orient Express to stop until the storm passes. The train was full, packed for this time of year. So we already know something is about to go down. In the morning a passenger is found dead in his compartment locked from the inside. He was stabbed a dozen times. Whodunit?

This story follows the adventures of a detective that is on the train, Poirot. As he goes through all the possible suspects on this train to figure out who the murderer is.

When I started the book, I wasn’t immediately impressed. I was sure it was going to be predictable, and I was sure I already knew who the murderer was. I wasn’t really in love with the characters and I struggled to remember who they all were. And that was probably my fault, this guy comes on the train at the last possible minute, and I know he was somehow relevant to the story. That to me screamed predictably, so at first, I wasn’t invested.

However, as the story progressed my interest grew, as one by one every suspect I had,  was acquitted by Poirot. I couldn’t help but laugh as Poirot skillfully explains why it couldn’t be that person. And I said to myself, of course, that makes a lot of sense. (Yes, I talk to myself.) This left me wondering who I was missing, what was I overlooking? I pulled out my notepad and began to dig deep into my investigative skills. Following each clue, and each lead knowing that I will be able to figure this out before the big reveal. I didn’t, which annoyed me.

Agatha Christie did a marvelous job at twisting everything together. Each one of the suspects had some connection; that was mind-blowing. Now I think it could be anyone. It could be a man or woman, that is right-handed or left-handed, or both. What is it? Half man, half woman? As the book drew to a close, I was filled with excitement and anxious to find out who it was.

The ending was nothing like I expected. I was very impressed and inspired at the end. The clues were there, the suspect(s) was there. In the end, I loved the book, I loved the characters, and then I sat in silence wondering how did I not see this coming.

Rating 5/5

The Nightingale

Book Chronicles

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah.



The Nightingale is a historical fiction novel, set in France in 1939 during World War 2. It depicts the invasion of France by the Germans and the horrors that took place during that time.

The story is centered around the lives of two sisters and their family. Vianne the eldest sister is married to her first love, a man named Antoine. Vianne naively does not believe the German’s will invade France despite her sister Isabelle’s warnings, clearly she was wrong. Her husband, is sent off to fight in the war, leaving her with their young daughter Sophie.

Isabelle is eager to join the war, fight and make a difference, even though she is told constantly that there is nothing she can do to help. She falls in love with a young man named Gaetan, and despite his wish to protect her, she jumps headfirst into the war, not caring about the consequences.


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The Nightingale

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah.



The Nightingale is a historical fiction novel, set in France in 1939 during World War 2. It depicts the invasion of France by the Germans and the horrors that took place during that time.

The story is centered around the lives of two sisters and their family. Vianne the eldest sister is married to her first love, a man named Antoine. Vianne naively does not believe the German’s will invade France despite her sister Isabelle’s warnings, clearly she was wrong. Her husband, is sent off to fight in the war, leaving her with their young daughter Sophie.

Isabelle is eager to join the war, fight and make a difference, even though she is told constantly that there is nothing she can do to help. She falls in love with a young man named Gaetan, and despite his wish to protect her, she jumps headfirst into the war, not caring about the consequences.

This is a story about the true heroes in the war, the women who though they were tortured and raped, fought in every way they could to loosen the stronghold of the Germans. It is a story about survival, freedom and the true strength of a woman.


(This review contains spoilers.)

The Nightingale starts out beautifully, one of my favorite opening lines. The beginning was almost poetic.

‘In love we find out we want to be.

In war we find out who we are.’

It gets into the story quickly and captured my attention. The story was very descriptive, and the pace flowed seamlessly. I liked the switch between first and third person. I was very intrigued as to who this elderly woman was that’s dying from cancer. I was thinking Isabelle. I always like a good mystery, so it was something for me to figure out has I read along.

I liked Isabelle’s love interest with Gaetan, but I felt like she trusted him too fast, a complete stranger, at the time. Their romance developed nicely though, and I was routing for them to make it till the end. It was sweet how he didn’t want to admit his feeling for her though it was obvious he loved her too. We find out later he was trying to protect her. That clearly backfired. I wished they had gotten the chance to live more of a happy life together, but not every story has a happy ending.

The book moved along at a steady pace, with enough happening, to keep me reading, Vienna giving up the names of the teachers, or when she realized her husband wasn’t coming back, and her relationship with this soldier. These were all interesting but didn’t really surprise me. What surprised me was that they didn’t actually hook up.

By chapter 15 to be honest I was bored. Considering all the great reviews that this book got, clearly there was something wrong with me. I read on anyway with hope.
The fact that Isabelle had a way with boys, kept coming up but it wasn’t really shown. And is that really important to the story, or to the mission she had? I don’t know.
I like rebellious characters so Isabelle was by favorite one in this book. I was however annoyed by the many times it was mentioned how pretty Isabelle was. Yes, I get it, she’s pretty, men swoon over her. I will try to remember this. But what does that really have to do with the story?

So Gaetan helps Isabelle get home and leaves, to go fight in the war. Oh he was there all this time hiding? So we are given the idea later on, that he had been secretly watching her, following her, to protect her. That’s not weird at all. But even after she jumped into the war why didn’t he come out of hiding? She wasn’t going to get deeper than she already was in the war, plus she was actually the real person of interest here. if anyone needed protection, it was him. Isabelle was named the Nightingale, her identity was not made public of course, but every German soldier was looking for this person.

Also I didn’t get how her father was part of this all this time, I felt I wasn’t given enough clues to have guessed this. I didn’t care about that anyway. My problem is, if he knew everything she was up to all along, why did he not tell her. All the lies and pretending for no real reason. He could have at least told her when she hid the down air-man? He just left him in there and made him pee himself.

Anyway, I don’t care about that either. I know he wasn’t close with his daughter and he said he was trying to protect her. He expressed regret that he wasn’t a better father and I guess he is hinting that he loves her. So now that everything is out in the open why isn’t he more upset about her doing this dangerous thing? I know he can’t change her mind, but he could at least try to stop her.

Anyways. So she meets Eduardo, he interrogates her, cracks her head against the wall, and she’s fine? Maybe crack was an over exaggeration. Because in my mind her head was split in two.

The story picked up quite well at around chapter 24. It got very interesting, very emotive, and the writing strong. Sophie’s friend death and Vianne having to tell her. Rachel being taken away, how she had to raise the boy as her own, how she became a part of the rebellion. It was very exciting and heart breaking. Towards the end of the book I was totally invested, there was drama and conflict at every turn. She had to kill Beck to save her sister, and a new guy comes in, and he is awful. I knew he would do something messed up, but I didn’t know what exactly, and I was biting my finger nails the whole time, waiting for it to happen.

I felt like there was little character development, in the story though. Vianne changed more than anyone else I think. Though I really liked Isabelle’s character, she was rebellious from start to finish, she was who she was and didn’t change, but I didn’t really care. The end was absolutely heart breaking, which is why I guess everyone loved it and gave the book really great reviews.

In the beginning, I thought the book was interesting, didn’t really expect much from it, I almost gave up on it, but overall considering everything, and the ending, it was a pretty decent book. I actually ended up liking it, even though the beginning was rough. Once it picked up it had me on the edge of my seat, wondering what will happen next. Will Vianne tell her husband that she was raped and is now pregnant, with another man’s child? How will he react? What will happen to Isabelle, a lot of questions loomed around in my mind.

So in the end it turns out that the old woman talking was actually Vianne and not Isabelle. Not happy about that. Isabelle ended up dying, along with Sophie. I don’t know what happen to the husband but let’s assume he is also dead.

The last chapter was a really good wrap up to the book, I liked that Rachael’s son came back. So all in all, I was satisfied with the ending.





Winter is here and I finished reading the final book by Marissa Meyer, Winter.



Winter, is the last book in the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, released on November 10, 2015. This novel tells the story of the Princess, Winter, loosely based on the fairy tale Snow white. Winter is called a princess, even though she has no royal blood, the people love and adore her, as much for her beauty as for her kindness.

The novel is set on Luna, where there’s a revolution brewing. No one likes Levana, Queen of Luna, Winter despises her for her cruel treatment of the people. The way she misuses her gift and especially because she knows her stepmother will never approve of her love for the palace guard Jacin.

Cinder the cyborg mechanic, the wanted fugitive, and Princess Selene, rightful heir to the throne, invades Luna. Winter hopes she will have what it takes to bring the queen down once and for all.

The novel is about Winter? I’m sure it’s about Cinder. Cinder shows up a lot in a book not based on her, it’s fine though, I preordered this book because I loved Cinder.

This book continued the stories that already started and wraps up everything from the earlier books.

When I finished this book, I experienced great joy. Mostly because I was so happy I was done. The ending was satisfactory, but not my favorite of all endings. I kind of wanted Cinder and Emperor Kai to be married in the end. Furthermore what happen to the rest of them? Yeah sure they lived happily ever after, but how? What’s up with Cress and Thorne? Jacin and Winter? Did I miss a section?

I think the small segments with the couples were actually very sweet but their relationship didn’t progress as well as I would hope. Even Cinder’s and Kai’s relationship feels a little insufficient. I loved the romance and everything; I wanted more. I mean, how long as it been? Four books. I get that she was a fugitive, and Kai was engaged to Levana, and they lived in different parts of the universe. Nevertheless, of all the couples, their relationship should have been the one to end with something more concrete than just a promise for a date.

Scarlet and Wolf are for sure my favorite couple. The flirting between Winter and Jacin was cute, it made her seem more mature than she was coming off before. Loved when Thorne and Cress finally had a real kiss and admitted that they loved each other. It was about time! Cress and Thorne seemed to be the slowest developing relationship of them all. My favorite part with them was definitely when he grabbed her and lifted her on a table and gave her a long passionate kiss. The dramatic change of pace took me off guard. Still, I wanted more, and it doesn’t have to be sexual, that’s not what I mean, I just wanted them to get to a pivotal point in their relationship.
Okay, moving on from this ranting about relationships. The book was beautifully written, words and sentence weaved perfectly. The characters were unique and developed well. Cinder is still my favorite book though. I have to admit, I didn’t read Cress, and I stopped halfway through Scarlet, because I only wanted more of Cinder and didn’t know why she was in it. Yeah, I know the book is named after her. Seeing how awesome she was in this one, I will sure go back to it.
Anyway, back to this book. I was fully immersed in the story. I was emotionally invested. I laughed, no I didn’t cry, but I liked it.
The world building was beautiful. The pace was good, the climax gradually building. I liked how the connection between all the characters from the earlier books came together seamlessly. The story flowed smoothly, for the most part. There was humor and drama. The writing was very descriptive. I understand why Lavana, was evil, as vain as she might be. Not sure if it is justified though, but I get it. I believed Winter was crazy for sure. I know why she’s crazy but I really thought by the end of the book she would have gotten better. No, she got worse, but that’s fine, good twist, I liked it. By the end of the book, I didn’t know if she was cured or not, did Jacin’s love conquered all? I don’t know, can’t remember that happening. Except for when she woke up, but she still seemed crazy to me.

Is this really based on a fairytale? I was expecting more love conquering all stuff, and the only people that delivered was Scarlet and Wolf. Since I’m on that matter now, after Wolf’s surgery, I thought he was going to be mad different. I was expecting a bloodcurdling monster that would ripped Scarlet to pieces if he saw her. I thought they would come face to face, and she would be staring death in the eyes. As he prepared to rip her throat out, with is sharp fangs, she would say, ‘Wolf I will always love you’, and it would only be her voice, her touch, the smell of her skin, that would bring him back to sanity. That didn’t happen, he seemed to be the same Wolf, and he remembered her right away. Which I guess is sort of cute too.

It’s kind of long with almost 100 chapters but it was necessary to bring all the stories to a close. That being said, though I understand the reason for the length of the book, but there was just too much going on here.
The pace was good though, as I’ve said, gradually increasing as the looming war comes into focus. Every scene held something new and exciting. Pushing the story along and holding the reader’s attention.
Unique voice and tone, characters distinct. I believed these were different people. Each person’s voice clear. Their personalities separate, and interesting. I could tell Iko’s voice different from Winter’s, ‘crazy’ Winter. Yes, Winter who promised never to use her powers again, after she had control that maid and she killed herself. Fine, I get it. She ended up using her powers to save her life, great reason, I would have done the same. But didn’t she do a whole speech about never using her gift and the people of  Luna should follow and trust her because she will never control them? Actions must have consequences, and though I like Winter and Jacin, she should be called out.

And another thing. How is it, that Winter got sick so fast? Yeah, I know the virus was ingested, and it acts differently for everyone, but Scarlet, even though she must have contracted the disease from Winter about an hour after, seems fairly fine with enough strength to supervise an army. She even started showing symptoms minutes after coming in contact with Winter. Really?? And people who must have only came in contact with the disease way after, died, and Scarlet didn’t, even though she wasn’t placed in a submersion chamber.

Anyway, despite those few issues I had, I liked the book. Beautiful way of intertwining the well-known fairy tales and making it different and unique. It was a great concept. I really liked how Marissa incorporated the poison apple in the story, pretty crafty.
Love Cinder, love Scarlet and Wolf.





Dreams of Gods and Monsters

Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor


This novel is the final in the trilogy, Daughter of Smoke and Bones. It follows the blue-haired Karou and her eternal love Akiva. Karou is helping the white wolf Thiago build an army to fight the “terrible angels.” She doesn’t see eye to eye with this plans but she doesn’t know what else to do. She wants to show her people she is faithful to them, after all, it was the angels who were responsible for killing all her family. She is trying to prove she is no longer an angel lover. She isn’t sure if that’s entirely accurate.
Akiva is not so sure either if his customs are the best for everyone. He wants this war to be over with, and he begins to go against his orders to kill but shows mercy instead. He is finally at his wit’s end, and he intends to make a change. He knows it has to start with him. He remembers the dreams he had shared with Karou with their hands on each other hearts. The change will have to start with them.
He plots to kill the emperor and set his people free. Each decision they make will have dire consequences and maybe even eternal, in the biggest showdown of the century.


Holy god stars this book was good.
Love the beginning, it got me thinking that it’s a different book altogether, which is usually not good, but it works. I was excited and intrigued as to where it was going. It introduces a new character who is different and comes with her set of baggage and secrets. It’s exciting and suspenseful to see, how all the story fits together.
The novel delivers on the last two books. There is more drama, plot twist, and romance. Finally, readers are rewarded with….
Spoiler Alert !!!!!!!
Karuo and Akiva are finally admitting they still love each other. I can sleep in peace now. The world is made whole again. Love conquers all.
Thiago is dead, I’m happy, but Ziri is burdened with the responsibility of pretending to be the white wolf for the sake of peace.
The story is well crafted and the world that was described, complex.
The story went on a little long, I felt like 72 or 73 could have been the end but it wasn’t. I didn’t mind though because it served to wrap everything together. After victory had been announced, I had no idea how.
I held my breath as I try to figure out if Ziri’s soul was gleaned or not and touched by Liraz’s reaction, and the suspense was thick and the joy I felt when Ziri was indeed in that bottle was real. I had to force myself not to jump.
Beautiful love story. The sentences were perfectly crafted and the writing flowery and very descriptive. At times, it came off as too ornate, but I endured. The character development was good, especially looking at certain characters such as Liraz’s. The ending was acceptable and overall great novel.
Would recommend


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